CGIpaf 1.3.3

cgipaf is a program that allows users to change their un*x Password, Autoreply and mail Forwarding by a web interface.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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CGIpaf is a program that allows users to change their un*x password, autoreply and mail forwarding by a web interface. CGIpaf is a combination of three cgi programs:

passwd.cgi : allow users to update their password
viewmailcfg.cgi : allow users to view their current mail configuration.
mailcfg.cgi : update the mail configuration

All programs use PAM for user authentication, systems without PAM are only supported if they use the standard password file location (/etc/passwd /etc/shadow) and the standard crypt or md5 passwords.
If a password is changed it is possible to run a script to update SAMBA passwords, NIS configuration, etc.
The mail configuration is done by procmail, mailcfg.cgi creates a .procmailrc in the user's home directory. If autoreply is enabled the autoreply message is stored in ~/vacations.txt. When a user enables mail forwarding the user can choose to keep the messages.
For user authentication viewmailcfg.cgi creates a cookie, this cookie is stored in the accessdb. mailcfg.cgi reads the cookie out the accessdb and compares it with the cookie send by the users browser.
User with too many invalid logins can be locked.
The minimum and maximum uid can be set in the configuration file, so you can specify a range of uid's that are allowed to use cgipasswd.
You can specify html files with a few PHP extensions for the login screen and error messages.
It's possible to use a redirect for the error messages, instead of plain html files.
It's is possible to define an external script to update the the mail configuration to support other mail configurations than procmail a sample script with vacation support is included.
CGIpaf also contains the "changepass" utility which is basically a clone of the chpasswd (8) Linux command, it might be useful on platforms that doesn't have such a command like Solaris. See the changepass manpage for more information.


a Un*x server (only tested with Debian gnu/Linux woody & potato and solaris 8)
a mailserver that uses procmail (vacation is supported by an external perl mailcfg script)
a webserver
gcc, ndbm or gdbm

What's New in This Release:

An issue with md5 passwords on big endian systems has been corrected.

Last updated on January 25th, 2008

#change password #mail autoreply #mail forwarding #password #mail #autoreply #forwarding

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