BoboMail 0.6pre1

BoboMail is a so called webmail application, which provides mail access through a web interface.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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BoboMail is a so called webmail application, which provides mail access through a web interface.

It is distributed under the GNU GPL. See COPYING in the package or go to for details.

The first version of BoboMail was used for about a year and a half in the intranet of the Computer Club Ostfriesland (one of Germany's largest computer clubs, see if you understand German). I wrote my own webmailer, because at that time only some Perl scripts were available, which were not easy to customize (e.g. German interface).

The name of BoboMail comes from former name of ZPublisher, a cgi framework used by the developer.

I hope you will find BoboMail usefull. Please send complaints (e.g. spelling mistakes), criticism, security advices, suggestions, praises and everything else to or visit me (Henning) on my personal webpage at Important acknowledgement: This product includes software developed by Digital Creations for use in the Z Object Publishing Environment (htt://

The BoboMail distribution contains Zope's ZPublisher and ZTemplates. These compoments underly the Zope Public License (ZPL). They are packages with BoboMail for easier installation. BoboMail is hosted at Sourceforge ( If you are interested in BoboMail development please visit the its webpage at Besides I want to make BoboMail even more modular so that my stuff can be used for a mailinglist archiver or a web-forum. Attention: I really would like to know where you will use BoboMail. Please tell me your success stories

Here are some key features of "BoboMail":

read, write, reply, forward, delete and bounce messages
send and receive attachments
decodes quoted-printable, base64 and uuencoded
handles HTML-mails properly (with inline images!)
does not need Javascript
direct support for the following MIME types: message/rfc822, message/delivery-status, multipart/alternative, multipart/mixed, multipart/report, multipart/related, multipart/digest, text/plain, text/html, text/x-vcard, image/jpeg, text/rfc822-headers, image/png, image/x-xpixmap, image/gif
works with POP3-servers and partially IMAP4 (spool-files under development)
easy to modify and customize through HTML-templates
modular design provides easy interface for other authentication methods and mail protocols
provides optionally its own fast multithreading webserver (BoboMailHTTPD)
multi-lingual support (i18n) - currently English, Brazilian Portuguese, Finish, Spanish and German
and it's 100% Python

What's New in This Release:

with the help from Ken Causey the annoying first-login-bug is fixed now :-)
IMAP support for uw-imapd, expects additional folders in $HOME/Mail
now runs with Python 2.x without problems
new look, using nicer template inspired by
and some other small bug fixes (see cvs if you like)

Last updated on June 10th, 2006

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