BiffLes 0.8

BiffLes does what does the procmail MDA does, but in one run.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 16
Eric Pozharski
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
BiffLes does what does the "procmail" MDA does, but in one run. BiffLes project is meant to be used off-line by dial-up clients where mail is fetched via a nightly cron-job, amassed localy, and then sorted.


received mail (in a couple of mailboxes) is tested against a set of rules;
if mail match a rule, then it's tided mailbox is added as an outbox;
if set of outboxes isn't empty, mail is copied into those mailboxes;
if none rule matches (outbox set is empty), then it's left in mailbox;

Here are some key features of "BiffLes":

rules are pairs of header name and regexp;
a number of rules tied to the particular mailbox is limited only by Perl resources;
mailbox type are mbox, maildir, mh, and any other supported by Mail::Box object class;
a number of mailboxes is limited only by Mail::Box resources;
only two mailboxes are opened concurently (it's possible to keep only one mailbox opened, but that would decrease performance unbearable (Mail::Box issue;))
it's possible to configure biffles the way when a mail can match many outboxes (that's dangerous, but gives well known in the FTN world carbon functionality.)


Getopt module
AppConfig object class
Mail::Box object class

What's New in This Release:

A new backend: PerlEmailProject.
Reports are wrapped in XML.
The license has been upgraded.

Last updated on March 13th, 2008

#nightly cron-job #mail fetcher #offline mail reader #BiffLes #procmail #MDA #mail

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