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Autoresponder for Postfix





Autoresponse is an autoresponder for postfix. The project is part of the "postfix deployment tools" package developed by Charles Hamilton however autoresponse can be used with just about any postfix setup.

The autoresponse script is called by postfix pipe(8) in the same way that one would call a content filter. As a side note, it is possible to do some minor content filtering with this script however that would require, at the least, intermediate level (or greater) knowledge of bash and some minor  hacking of the autoresponse script--this will not be covered here.

The command syntax for autoresponse is fairly straightforward:

autoresponse [-s {sender email} -r {recipient email}] [-e {email address}] [-d {email address}] [-E {email address}] [-D {email address}] [-h]

    -s and -r must be used together to specify a sender and recipient of an autoresponse message.

    -e is used to create a new autoresponse or edit an existing one for the specified user. If a disabled
           autoresponse message exists, it will be ignored and a new message will be created.

    -d is used to disable an existing active autoresponse message.

    -E is used to enable an existing autoresponse message. If both a disabled AND and an active
           autoresponse message exist, the active message will be overwritten by the disabled one.

    -D is used to delete an existing autoresponse message, it will not delete disabled autoresponse messages.

    -h prints the autoresponse help menu.
Last updated on March 23rd, 2009

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