mysqlPostfix 0.1

mysqlPostfix is a standalone or mysqlISP managed subsystem for running 1 or 100's of postfix mail servers.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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mysqlPostfix is a standalone or mysqlISP managed subsystem for running 1 or 100's of postfix mail servers. mysqlPostfix was developed for very scalable, but simple and cheap anti-virus anti-spam mail-gateway frontend to mysqlSendmail sendmail imap/pop3/webmail final destination servers.

A free white-paper that covers building a (small to very large) scalable and fault redundant mail system with linux, postfix, spamassassin, clamAV and sendmail is soon to be available on and will also be noted here.


mySQL server and client libs installed and running on same server as the application. You must know the root password. (Paranoids: Check the install script in mainfunc.h)

Use find . -name mysql.h and find / -name libmysqlclient.a to get paths. Edit makefile and mysqlrad.h for these if needed.

If using FreeBSD (or other that needs gmake defines in makefile) make sure that FreeBSD=1 is in makefile at top. You can change useradd/userdel and usermod commands to customize for your system see relevant mysqlPostfix.tConfiguration entries for details.

Must have a running Apache server on the same server with cgi capabilities. Should be SSL enabled if possible (see below for intranet or other just "testing" non-SSL setup.) Typical setup involves user openisp httpd daemon on some random port number like 9023 for non SSL and 8045 for SSL connections. ~openisp should have everything mysqlISP related in it (More on this below.)

Note that MD5 support requires at least glibc2.

Example BASH Install Instructions

(Must edit makefile and use GNU make on FreeBSD builds. Usually gmake)

shell>tar xzf mysqlPostfixN.M.tar.gz
(Where N.M (Ex 1.43) is the latest Major.Minor version available at
shell>cd mysqlPostfix
shell>export CGIDIR=/apache/cgi-bin/
(or whatever your Apache cgi-bin dir is)
shell>vi local.h
shell>vi makefile
(or "# SSL=1 make" if you are using mysql libraries compiled with OpenSSL)
shell>make install
shell>export ISMROOT=/home/joe
(or whatever directory the mysql application project folder/dir is in)
shell>chown mysql data
shell>chmod o+x $ISMROOT
(make sure mysql daemon owner can access the initial data
files. If this fails you need to drop database mysqlpostfix via mysql
command line)
shell>/cgi-bin/mysqlPostfix.cgi Initialize

This will setup application and allow you to login as user "Root" password "wsxedc"

Last updated on March 6th, 2006

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