bogom 1.9.2

bogom is a simple sendmail milter to interface bogofilter.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 19
Juan J. Martínez
ROOT \ Communications \ Email Filters
bogom is a simple sendmail milter to interface bogofilter.


bogom [-R | -D] [-t] [-v] [-u user] [-s conn] [-b bogo_path] [-x exclude_string] [-c conf_file] [-l body_limit] [-p pidfile] [-f forward_spam] [-q quarantine_mdir] [-d]

The bogom plugin can be used with the milter API of sendmail(8) to filter mails using bogofilter(1) bayesian filter.

bogom is intended to be used with only one words database for the whole system.

The options are as follows:

-R Reject mail classified as spam

-D Discard mail classified as spam

-t Train bogofilter with the mail classified as spam/ham

-v Verbose logging

-u user User to run the milter. Default: bogofilter

-s conn Path to the pipe to connect sendmail. Default:

-b bogo_path Path to the bogofilter(1) binary. Default:

-x exclude_string If this string is found in the Subject of a message,
it will be automatically accepted and no filtering op-
eration will be done.

-c conf_file Path to the configuration file. Default:

-l body_limit Length limit in bytes to be processed from mail body.
The rest of the body will be discarded and not ana-
lyzed by the filter. Default: no limit

-p pidfile Path to the file to store the pid of the milter. The
pidfile is created after the milter drops privileges
and the user to run the milter must have write permis-
sion to the specified file. Default:

-f forward_spam Set a recipient to forward any message classified as
spam. Read configuration file section for further de-

-q quarantine_mdir
Path to a directory to deliver a copy of any message
classified as spam. The messages are stored in
maildir(5) format.

-d Enable debug messages (implies verbose logging)

Default policy is to add the X-Bogosity header (Yes, No, Unsure) and deliver the mail. This can be changed with -R or -D when bogofilter classifies the mail as spam.

In bogofilter's configuration the bogofilter_dir token should be set to the directory with system database, usually /var/spool/bogofilter, in bogofilter's configuration, or simply the words database of the unprivileged user running the milter can be used.

bogom uses a temporal file to store each individual message and forks a new process to scan it with bogofilter. This temporal file uses /tmp directory by default, it's owned by the user running the milter and has 0600 mode. When a directory is specified in quarantine_mdir, the tmp subdirectory in that maildir is used as temporal directory.

The option -t registers the mail after classifying it as spam or ham. This option can be dangerous because the filter may register errors, so you should read carefully bogofilter's manual regarding this point.

What's New in This Release:

· This release includes minor fixes to improve Linux compilation and Postfix support.

Last updated on June 26th, 2008

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