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The Open Source and official contact management application for the Horde Groupware suite

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Turba is an open source, platform-independent and free web-based software that provides a production-ready address book application for the Horde Groupware suite, offering integration with the IMP application (also part of the Horde Groupware project), as well as with other Horde apps.

A full featured contact management application

Turba is a full featured contact management application that supports the SQL, Kolab, LDAP, Horde Preferences and IMSP backends. It offers a flexible way to to define the fields in your address book(s).

With Turba, you will be able to import and export contacts from/to vCard, Pine, CSV, Mulberry, and TSV formats. The software also allows you to easily create distribution lists from your address book(s).

Getting started with Turba

In order to use the Turba software on your system, you should first check to see you have a working Horde Groupware installation (please note that version 5.0 or higher of Horde is required), LDAP or SQL support in PHP, as well as the Net_LDAP PEAR package.

Like any other Horde application, Turba is installed with the PEAR installer, so make sure that you install PEAR on your system, along with the Horde framework, prior to attempting to install Turba using the command listed below.

For detailed installation instructions on the PEAR installer, check out the http://www.horde.org/apps/horde/docs/INSTALL web page. When you have a fully working PEAR installer, open a Terminal app and run the ‘pear install -a -B horde/turba’ command to install Turba.

Alternatively, you can run the ‘pear install horde/turba’ command to install Turba only with the required dependencies, or run the ‘pear install -a horde/turba’ command to install Turba with all binary dependencies. After installation, read http://www.horde.org/apps/turba/docs/INSTALL#configuring-turba to learn how to configure Turba.
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