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YFKlog is a general purpose ham radio logbook for *nix operating systems.




YFKlog is a general purpose ham radio logbook for *nix operating systems. YFKlog runs in text mode, which means it can easily be used on a remote server, even from Windows-Computers with PuTTY.

It was primarily designed with normal HF/VHF-operation in mind, for Contesting I wrote YFKtest which is in an early stage of development, but already served its purposes in several contests: YFKtest.

Here are some key features of "YFKlog":

Simple Console based user interface.
MySQL or SQLite database backend
Unlimited number of logs manageable
ADIF import and export
Easy log backup
High quality QSL (cards, labels) print with LaTeX: Sample PDF file (quite a few google hits for "QSL card latex", probably looking for something like this?)
Award tracking/statistics functions (examples)
ARRL LOTW support
Basic transceiver control Hamlib.pm


Perl 5 with Curses, DBI, strict
SQLite 3 with the required Perl bindings, or access to a MySQL DB
LaTeX 2e with geometry package (optional, only for QSL label print)
any old computer, the author is using YFKlog on a PII-600 with 128MB RAM, running FreeBSD 5.3. It was developed and tested mainly using Mandrake 9.2, Debian 3.1 and FreeBSD 5.3.

What's New in This Release:

Additions to this version include a remote logging interface to fldigi/gmfsk, a callsign lookup function, and a custom statistics/awards function.
Improvements were made to the user interface, error handling, and ADIF import.
Last updated on February 1st, 2008

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