HiveBoard 0.5.0

HiveBoard is an open source shared graphical whiteboard application that is targeted at professional meetings.

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The Apache License 2.0 
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Jean-Francois Poilpret
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HiveBoard project is an online shared whiteboard conferencing system. HiveBoard is free to use according to the Apache License Version 2.0.

HiveBoard is made in Java. It has a server part that can be hosted by a Servlet Container (like jakarta Tomcat) and requires a SQL database with a JDBC driver (eg MySQL). It has rich client applications that connect to the server and can access a shared whiteboard.

The HiveBoard project has started a few months ago. As of today, version 0.2.0 is available but is not a full-fledged version; it should be considered as a preview version of the future application. However it shows already quite well how the final application will look like.

Here are some key features of "HiveBoard":

System Administration

· Management of authorized accounts
· Two roles: basic user and whiteboard initiator
· [NYI] Management of the server (suspend, resume, general notification to connected users)
· [NYI] Management of connection to other "servers" (in a multi-server architecture)

WhiteBoard management

· An initiator account can create a new whiteboard and list its participants
· The initiator of a whiteboard decides who, among the currently present participants, can write to the board
· The initiator can at any time add new participants or remove existing participants
· [NYI] The initiator can at any time save "snapshots" of the current content of the whiteboard (those snapshots are saved on the server for later retrieval)

WhiteBoard usage

· Any account that is a potential participant to a whiteboard can effectively "join" the meeting (he will be "present participant")
· Any present participant in a whiteboard sees, in real time:
· the list of all participants, present or not,
· the initiator of the whiteboard
· the current "writer" on the whiteboard
· the current content of the whiteboard (refreshed in real time)
· messages (chat) sent from present participants
· Any present participant in a whiteboard can:
· require the right to write to the whiteboard
· write to the whiteboard (if he has been given the right by the initiator) by using any tool from the graphical palette
· send messages (chat) to all participants in the whiteboard
· [NYI] The WhiteBoard can be displayed in full-screen mode

Non functional

· Performant (optimized communications client server)
· Standard transport protocol (http or https) that passes through firewalls
· [NYI] Multi-site architecture: one "central" server (with a unique database) and "federated" servers that act as users hubs (reduces traffic between 2 distant locations)
· Advanced GUI with docking capability

What's New in This Release:

· JMX support for HiveBoard embedded server: provides access to Jetty MBeans and adds one specific HiveBoard bean to gracefully shutdown the embedded HiveBoard server.
· Boards have now a new "Token Setter" setting that offers 3 options: initiator only (default, same as behavior in 0.4.0), initiator or current writer (the current writer can give the write right to another present participant), and finally initiator, current writer or system (same as previous, except that the server will automatically sets the writer to the first or last present participant). This option allows an effective use of a white board even when the board initiator is not connected.

· Now the combo box for font selection in the tool palette displays the font name using the selected font (easier selection: you don't have to start writing text to see how it will look like)
· The Text tool has now a more intuitive behavior than before: when you click on the whiteboard, a dialog appears for text input and can be validated or cancelled. Visual feedback is displayed in real-time on the whiteboard area.
· Now when a serious error is detected on HiveBoard server (eg OutOfMemory) and transferred to HiveBoard client application, the client displays a more explicit message stating that the problem occurred on the server (not the client).

· The color chooser dialog now shows the preview picture (to view transparency settings) correctly in Java 5.
· Now the "Escape" key cancels any dialog (previously it would not work in some dialogs when some specific fields had focus)
· Now the save dialog does not hang the application anymore (this could happen sporadically with 0.4.0)
· Now the message displayed by HiveBoard client is more explicit in the case when the HiveBoard server was not successfully launched (previously the displayed message "incompatible version" was misleading)
· There is now a work-around for sporadic nasty bug which hangs the application sometimes when opening a message box (Know Sun Java bug #4913324). If you get bitten by this one, now you can disable the "Automatic wait pointer when executing long actions" which is one trigger for this bug. Take a look at "" file for this work-around
· Now any change (by an admin) to an Account that is currently connected is immediately visible to that account (ie all menus enabling is updated according to new assigned role & admin right). Additionally, if the account name was changed, the main window title is also automatically updated.

· build system uses the latest el4ant HEAD source (revision 373) and has been modified for better usability (patch "el4ant-hiveboard.patch" is available in hiveboard source distribution).
· the HiveBoard website generation has been completely rewritten: webmake has been trashed from the build process (RIP) and replaced by a new home-built el4ant plugin "WebSiteGen", based on MarkdownJ and Velocity Texen.
· data access layer tests are automatically performed for all supported DBMS.
· HiveBoard has been refactored to take advantage of Java 5 features: generics, enhanced for loop, auto-boxing/unboxing, enums.
· all jars dependencies have been updated to latest official versions.

Last updated on June 15th, 2007

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