twit.el 0.0.9

twit.el is the beginning of a library for interfacing with from Emacs.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Theron Tlax
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
twit.el is the beginning of a library for interfacing with from Emacs. It is also (more importantly) some interactive functions that use that library. It's a hack, of course; RMS I am not. Maybe one of you real programmers would like to clean it up?

This uses Twitter's XML-based api, not the JSON one because I would like to avoid making the user install third-party libraries to use it.



There are four main interactive functions:

M-x twit-post RET will prompt for you to type your post directly in the minibuffer.

M-x twit-post-region RET will post the region and

M-x twit-post-buffer RET will post the entire contents of the current buffer.

M-X twit-show-recent-tweets RET will create a new buffer and show your most recent messages in it.

M-x twit-mode RET, if you want to bother, just binds the interactive functions to some keys. Do C-h f RET twit-mode RET for more info.

M-x twit-follow-recent-tweets RET will create a new buffer, show the most recent tweets, and update it every 90 seconds (idle)

But remember that your posts can't be longer than 140 characters long. All of these functions will also prompt you for your user name (usually the email address you signed up to twitter with) and password the first time in a given Emacs session. Note that twitter uses `Basic Authentication' for user authentication, which translates to, basically none. It's not secure for anything more than casual attacks.


This is a work in progress. Just stubs. I have to figure out how to make some use out of `xml-parse fragment'. Until then, `twit-list-followers' is incredibly stupid, but works.


See `twit-post-function', which is the backend for posting, and `twit-parse-xml' which grabs an xml file from HTTP and turns it into a list structure (using `xml-parse-fragment'). This is a work in progress.


There's not much to it. It you want it always there and ready, you can add something to your .emacs file like:

(load-file "/path/to/twit.el")

or get fancier, to the extent you want and know how (autoloading, keybinding, etc).



What's New in This Release:

follow-recent-tweets function created so automagickally follow tweets every 5 mins. Also removed twit-mode on twit-show-recent-tweets. (it was setting twit-mode globally, and interfering with planner).

Last updated on April 3rd, 2008

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