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Managing tweet draft through CLI




twilist is a Python tool to help you send your tweet draft by having a list of tweet in a text file.

Adding a tweet to a list: add "Foo bar"

Sending a tweet in a list (first in first out): send

Sending the first tweet item in the list: send first

Sending the last tweet item in the list: send last

Sending random tweet item in the list: send rand

List of tweet: list

This will return a list of tweet and it's index, and then you can look at the index and send a specific item with this command: send 3

You will also be able to delete specific draft: del 3

You can also replace specific tweet draft: rep 3 "New tweet"

By default, all draft will be saved inside the same folder from which you run the, but you can specify another source instead, using: --file /path/to/twilist.txt


Twilist require you to have twidge in your system and already set up with your account.

All twilist data will be saved in "twilist" file inside the folder you run the command from.


I often have a lots to say in twitter, but sending all of them at once might be annoying for others to see, so I want to keep them somewhere and send them at the time I want it (not scheduled), that way I can store my thoughts right away and not losing it because writing it later might spoil my mood.

For example, I use twilist to store my tweet drafts, sync it using Ubuntu One to get the same list at my home and my office, and run it every 30 minutes, so in my bashrc I put these aliases

alias tw = 'twilist --file "$HOME/Ubuntu One/twilist.txt"'
alias ta = 'twilist add'
alias tl = 'twilist list'

...and to run it for every 30 minutes, in my crontab:

30 * * * * /usr/bin/ --file "/home/kecebongsoft/Ubuntu One/twilist.txt" send
Last updated on July 18th, 2012

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