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An open source morse telegraphy trainer for Linux and Unix operating systems.





qrq is an open source morse telegraphy trainer for Linux and Unix operating systems, similar to the classic DOS version of Rufz by DL4MM.

qrq software is not intended for learning telegraphy (have a look at radio.linux.org.au for CW learning software), but to improve the ability to copy callsigns at high speeds, as needed for example for Contesting.

How to use it

Using qrq is simple: qrq sends 50 random calls from a database. After each call, it waits for the user to enter what he heard and compares the entered callsign with the one sent. If the callsign is copied correctly, the speed is increased by 10 CpM / 2 WpM and full points are credited, if there were mistakes in the callsign entered, the speed decreases by 10 CpM / 2 WpM and (depending on how many letters were correct) only a fraction of the maximum points are credited.

A callsign can be heard again once by pressing F6, hitting F10 quits the program.

The possible speed ranges from 20 CpM (4 WpM) to infinity, the initial speed can be set by the user (in .qrqrc or in the settings menu, F5).


All settings can be modified in the configuration file qrqrc (in the current directory or ~/.qrq/). You may edit it before running qrq for the first time, but most settings can also be changed in the configuration menu (F5).

CW tone generator

Special care has been taken of the CW tone generator. In order to avoid key clicks, the CW signal form is shaped by amplitude-modulating it with a sine function. The rise- and fall times can be set individually to any value (in milliseconds). This graph (produced with GNUplot) shows a dash at 500CpM/100WpM with 5ms rise time and 15ms fall time (way too much for real CW, just for demonstration purposes), at a samplerate of 44.1kHz.


qrqscore -u Updates local toplist and uploads new highscore (if available) for your 'mycall' in 'qrqrc'.
qrqscore -d Only updates your local toplist from the internet list, doesn't upload your score.

What's New in This Release:

� Speeds are displayed in both WpM and CpM now
� Different CW waveforms (sine, sawtooth, squarewave) are now available
� Backspace should now work in all terminals
� Added a Perl script ('qrqscore') to synchronize your toplist with the internet toplist
� Added an ugly desktop icon
Last updated on January 7th, 2013

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