pedbot 0.1

Pedbot is an AOL Instant Messenger robot.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.0/5 2
Pedram Amini
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Pedbot is an AOL Instant Messenger robot that features Eliza mode, area code lookup, calculator, dictionary, Google search/spell, IP mapper, password generator and more.

To install pedbot...
Setup the DB config options on lines 76-81 of appropriately.
Setup the config options in the pedbot.configuration table appropriately.
Most importantly you need to set screenname, password, and admins.
The format of admins is :user1:user2:user3: etc... surrounding the names with ':' is necessary.
Compile and install the jive and valspeak filters if you wish to use them.
You can set the filter by changing the value for filter in the mySQL table pedbot.configuration to either jive or valspeak.

To use pedbot...
All commands begin with a . (dot).
list will list all available commands.
help will list all available commands and provide a description. There are different lists for admins and non admins.
the command . (dot) by itself will repeat the last command.

To add commands to pedbot...
All commands go in the command subdirectory.
pedbot will automatically load all files in that directory into memory.
You don't have to change anything in any of the other files to add your own command.
Check out any of the commands for samples.
All command sub{}'s are prefixed with pedbot_command if you don't do this your command won't be found.
All commands need to add a description entry to the COMMANDS hash.
ex: $COMMANDS{my_command} = "my command does this"
The first argument to your command is always the screenname of the sender of the command. All other arguments come after that.
Most commands need to simply return a string. Some commands (like write) need to send a message and you can use the global variable $aim to do so. If you need database access use the $dbhandle global.
Familiarize yourself with what pedbot can do. All handlers are in the handlers sub directory. Check out the support functions I've written in the functions sub directory.
If your writing a command that is for administrators only simply include the string "(admin only)" in your command description ($COMMANDS).

Last updated on June 24th, 2006

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