nipbot 0.9.6 Beta

nipbot is a shell IRC client for Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, including < windowed > channels/privmsgs using ncurses.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 16
Nicolas Loechner
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
nipbot is a shell IRC client for Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, including < windowed > channels/privmsgs using ncurses, and FServe capability. May run as a standalone bot in the background.

What's New in This Release:

· /W now accepts a mask of several @ % or + and displays those.
· /MODE nick privatemode now allowed.
· Static command arrays for more efficient command parser.
· CTCP notices displayed correctly.
· /GLOBAL command to execute something in the global context
· /FSERVE command to execute something in the fserve context
· Global flags (user, op, master, owner) are now passed to the channel parser.
· You can !set flags when you're global master but not channel master.
· Channels can start with a "&" for join etc. Valid channel characters are defined in CHANNELCHARS of config.txt.
· Added [DO] for /ON command, to allow raw copy/paste from /ON output.
· DCC GET now allows spaces in filenames. The string is parsed from the right.
· URL catcher (the detection is still imperfect).
· The previously active tab is now selected after closing the current one.
· /SAVE and /SAVEALL in fserve context (used to save the global IRC class only).
· More colorful display.
· Window mode displayed, and allows to change the tab order (ctrl-W then M) ["move windows"].
· FServe flags : new /SET items.
· /SET FSERVE 0|1 : fserve active
· /SET @find 0|1 : answer to @find
· /SET !list 0|1 : answer to !list
· The DCC commands are always available.
· The DCC GET always works.
· Flags for interactive DCC GET : new /SET items.
· /SET AUTOGET 0|1 : autoget or not
· /SET AUTORESUME 0|1 : autoresume or not
· New commands /DCC GET (if file does not exist or autoresume is on),
· /DCC REGET (truncate the existing file), /DCC RESUME (resume at end of file), /DCC SEND (sends nick a file), /DCC CLOSE {CHAT|SEND|GET} number (close a DCC)
· Anagram: new /DICTIONARY command to dynamically change the dictionary.
· Calculator: EXCH operator for RPN mode.
· Small problems compiling on Fedora. Fixed.

Last updated on January 17th, 2008

#chat application #ncurses software #IRC client #console #irc #chat #client

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