irclogger 1.14d

irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers.

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What's new in irclogger 1.14d:

  • A new "only URLs" view was added.
  • Search results are no longer incorrectly offset by one line.
  • The program now works with new agrep versions.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Colas Nahaboo
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers to provide a web log of what is said. It is built to provide a simple and web-compliant service.

Irclogger was done to:
* Be used on intranets, where users can be trusted and will not try constantly to crack the system. Thus the bot do not need to provide the plethora of anti-hackers, channel defending measures
* Provide privacy, users can set passwords on the log files, change them, but cannot remove them
* Be another web tool, the bot obey just the minimal IRC commands to log or not a channel. All the rest is done via a web browser. Each logged phrase becomes a part of the web with its own URL.

I could not find a bot satisfying these criteria. All were huge monsters with bloated functionalities of dubious utility, many were disgusting amounts of ugly perl code.

I stumbled on a nice unfinished python bot "logger" by Sean B. Palmer and Dan Connolly, so I used it as a base for irclogger, and added html view of the logs.

irclogger consists of 2 parts:
* irclogger, a python IRC client writing text logs in the MIRC format.
* CGI shell scripts, (bash) to be used from a web server to format the logs into html and provide searching in them.

Last updated on October 26th, 2008

#irc logger #irc chat #irc network #irg #log #client #chat

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