iFish 0.30.1

iFish is a Instant Messenger gui made with nice Fishs.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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alejandro david weil
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
iFish is a Instant Messenger gui made with nice Fishs. Written in python. (now only Gtk, may be later we use Qt and others). Main objetives are of this application are: be nice, fast, usable, portable, and sopport different free messengers systems/backends

Since beta2, when you start up IMFish you should see a couple of whales, as many as backend and IM libs, used by IMFish were detected.

You can talk to each of them, depending on who are you talking to, you have the following commands:

all whales:
start : make this protocol start to run
quit : stops this protocol/backend
autohide=bool: where bool is True or False, so you don't need to exec start on this whale everytime you start IMFish
var=value: enables you to setup a value for a variable named var.

And for each whale, available vars are:

Ysm Vars
autohide=bool: lets you choose to see or not the ysm, textmode console

Jabber Vars
server=server-id :that may be a host or an ip addres user=username: is your jabber user (from user@server/resource)
pass=password :the password for your jabber user res=resourcename :resource to connect to..
ssl=bool :use ssl connection

Msnlib Vars
user=username:is your msn user for login
pass=password:is the password of your user

Sometimes the backends freezes the gui, gave it some time to connect. (It's a known bug)

After that, when you are logged in some net, you should see fishes on the window and you can talk to them in the same way that you did to the whales!

Last updated on June 20th, 2006

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