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dxirc is a simple yet capable cross-platform IRC client written in C++ and FOX toolkit. Why use several different clients when you can have the same one on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux), *BSD (e.g. DesktopBSD) or even Windows?

Why Another IRC Client?

I have tried a lot of existing clients, but non of them seemed to suit my needs; non of them felt really comfortable. Eventually, I have decided to try and write my own client to both satisfy my requirements and improve my coding skills. I have tested it with few of my friends and some of them found it as useful as I do.

I hope dxirc will be useful to you as well.

Default Key Bindings

 * Help — F1
 * Server list — F2
 * Quick connect — Ctrl-k
 * Disconnect — Ctrl-d
 * Close current tab — Ctrl-w
 * Clear window — Ctrl-l
 * Clear all windows — Ctrl-shift-l
 * Show/Hide users list — Ctrl-u
 * Switch between tabs — Alt-0~9 or Ctrl-tab
 * Switch between unread tabs — Ctrl-n
 * Quit — Alt-F4


You can perform any dxirc customization (ignoring, colors, …) without editing any file by hand. However, you may want to understand the configuration principles, because some customizations can easily be done by editing the configurations files.

Be careful to quit dxirc before hand editing any configuration file, otherwise changes could not be taken into account.
Last updated on December 26th, 2011

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A simple IRC client


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