cmdbot-evented 0.1.0

An IRC Bot with a `cmd` attitude

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Bruno Bord
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cmdbot-evented is an IRC bot written in Python. It consists of a core module that defines a Bot class you can extend to fit your needs. It comes with a Brain, that is to say a simple instance of object that can contain any data you want. That's like a memory that lives as long as the Bot is working.

It's far from being 100% perfect, but I think it takes the best of Python's introspection mechanism.

By the way, why the name "CmdBot"? Because its function loading system has been inspired by the Python's cmd module, that uses class member introspection to catch the designated functions and execute them.


CmdBot is hosted on Github. If you want the latest code, go fetch it here:

You can install the program using:

python install

A cute "ini" file

The mandatory step: building an ini file. You can use the sample bot.ini file that sits in the source code, or edit your own. You just have to know that only two variables must be set in it:

host = name.your.server
chan = #nameyourchan

The other vars are optional, and usually default values would suit.

The "admin" value

If you want some admin to take this bot over (and you surely need it at some point), set the value with a space-separated list of nicks... e.g.:

admins = nick1 nick2 nick3

You may use the "@admin" decorator in your extended classes to process the bot line only if the user that has send the order is in this nick list.

Want to run the bot?

It's as simple as:

python cmdbot/ bot.ini

But... your bot won't be able to do much. Here is a sample "dialog":

22:31 -!- cmdbot [~cmdbot@] has joined #cdc
22:31 < cmdbot > Hi everyone.
22:31 < No`> cmdbot: help
22:31 < cmdbot > No`: you need some help? Here is some...
22:31 < cmdbot > Available commands: help, ping
22:32 < No` > cmdbot: ping
22:32 < cmdbot > No`: pong
22:32 -!- cmdbot [~cmdbot@] has quit [EOF From client]

Want a more clever bot?

Here's how:

- Create a module / script with a bot that extends the core bot
- add it a few "do_[stuff]" commands
- make it more clever, by using its "brain"

You can see a few example of what a "brainy bot" can do in the samples directory.

Last updated on July 12th, 2012


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