bnIRC 1.1.2

bnIRC is an IRC framework for programmers and an ncurses IRC client for anybody.

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What's new in bnIRC 1.1:

  • This release adds a wizard to create a startup script. This will be invoked automatically on startup if a ~/.bnirc file does not exist.
  • Slang was removed from the configure script and there were a few bugfixes.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Brandon Niemczyk
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
BnIRC is an open-source and free of charge (licensed under the GPL version 2) IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client for POSIX compliant systems (Linux, BSD, and other unix variants). It is known to build under linux on x86, FBSD on sparc64 and cygwin (x86/windows). We provide this program to help support the Open Source community. Please visit the wiki for more information and installation instructions for your particular OS.

bnIRC is an IRC framework for programmers and an ncurses IRC client for anybody. It is Free (as in Freedome And Beer) Software under the GPL license. If you would like to show your appreciation for bnIRC please Support This Project. 10% of all donations go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation

bnIRC is for POSIX-compliant OS's (most unixes and linux), it is tested on debian/x86 and FreeBSD/sparc64, there are known issues on the PPC architecture, if you try it on sparc32, alpha, mips, or any other arch, please drop me a line letting me know what happens. The wiki has installation directions for several Linux distributions and for FBSD.

Many thanks to ions for helping with the original bnIRC webpage, and janne_oksanen with his extensive help on the Documentation, and to all those that have helped with bug finding etc...

If you are new to IRC learn the following commands:

/nick your_preferred_nickname
/join #justlinux

and just start talking :), I am in there as brandon_niemczyk (or a variant of) much of the time. You should also check out the wiki

Last updated on June 1st, 2009

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