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Zircon is an X Window System interface to Internet Relay Chat.
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Zircon is an X Window System interface to Internet Relay Chat. The software is written in tcl/tk and uses the native network communications of tcl.

Suggestions for improvements to Zircon are welcome. I am particularly interested in making the system useful for those users in groups where JIPS and other national character sets are used.

Zircon has more features than you could possibly imagine and implements nearly everything that the irc II clients support as well as many other useful and interesting features.

Main features:

  • There is no JIS support. This needs a kanjified tcl/tk and some changes to zircon. Someone in Japan used to provide support for this but seems no longer to do so. Tcl 8.1 has proper unicode support included so this problem will go away soon.
  • Character escaping in the low level CTCP protocol is not done everywhere, but it *is* done for SED encrypted messages
  • You cannot configure anything other than Channels using the configuration panel. If you wish to configure Message channels then you have to do them by hand in the rc file. One day I will completely redo the configuration system....
  • The Sketch Pad facility is (still!!) not completely finished. (and will probably move out into the plugin system when I get that done)
  • The Clear button does not clear the screen. This is a tcl/tk problem and I cannot do anything (useful) to solve it. If you Shift-click on the button then the screen and the history are cleared, this does work

last updated on:
September 16th, 2005, 15:25 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Lindsay Marshall
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
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