Zadolbator 0.1 Alpha

Zadolbator is simple reminder component for Jabber server.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.3/5 23
Alexander Tsvyashchenko
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Zadolbator software is simple reminder component for Jabber server. Its main purpose is to remind you about events such as birthdays or holidays - though, you can use it also for keeping your everyday reminders about meetings, things to do, etc.

Zadolbator uses iCalendar format to store events: thus, you will need some basic understanding of iCalendar format to use it.

Zadolbator is hosted at, there you can download the latest version plus report any bugs / issues you have. Implementation language is Ruby, license is GPL.

As it is written mainly for personal use – do not expect robustness, high quality or user-friendly interface – there’s nothing more than “it works for me”.
I do not actively develop Zadolbator now, but I might consider improving things there if there are requests for that, plus I’m still going to add several small features there which I need for my own personal use.

Here are some key features of "Zadolbator":

· Allows to add / modify / remove events in iCalendar format and manage subscriptions to these events
· Sends notifications according to ALARM section of event
· Supports multiple users
· Allows custom ruby script to be executed when notification is sent
· Two interfaces are provided: ad-hoc commands and message-based
· Standards-compliant (hopefully): should work with every Jabber server that supports components and every Jabber client (using ad-hoc commands requires support from Jabber client of XEP-0004 and XEP-0050).

Last updated on July 3rd, 2007

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