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Yuuguu is by far the easiest way to share your screen, host online meetings and work in real time on the same documents over the web. What’s more, it’s free.

Here are some key features of "Yuuguu":

· It’s free to download and to use for up to 30 participants
· Secure to use (Read more…)
· Easily share your screen
· Share control of the same screen
· PC, Mac and Linux compatible
· Global conference calling (Land line based)
· Instant messaging
· See when contacts are online
· Automatic updates


We have made the Yuuguu application as secure as possible by encrypting activity within the application using 128-bit SSL encryption end to end. For an explanation of what this is, read our page on security when using Yuuguu.

Screen sharing:

Sharing your screen is easy with Yuuguu. There are two ways to share your screen using Yuuguu.

1. Yuuguu to Yuuguu

Share your screen with other Yuuguu users in your contacts lit. This is fast and made easier by the Yuuguu application letting you know when your contacts are online.

2. Yuuguu to non Yuuguu user (Web Share)

At Yuuguu we call this “Web Share”. This is a great feature to share your screen with people who do not already have the Yuuguu application.

Share control of your screen

Using Yuuguu to Yuuguu application screen sharing or Web Share, your participants can request to share control of your screen and work together in real time over the web. This is a great feature for collaboration on the same document, speeding up the process of creating documents and presentations for online demonstrations.

PC, Mac and Linux compatible:

Yuuguu was developed right from the start to work with on PC, Mac and Linux systems. Being the first to offer screen sharing for both PC, Mac and Linux systems, we made the Yuuguu application work with older system versions for maximum availability. Read our system requirements…

Global Conferencing calls

Yuuguu has integrated conference call bridge numbers to enhance your online meetings. Now you can make conference calling cheaper by each participant calling the number allocated to the country they are in. Conference calling with Yuuguu is landline based and using your unique PIN you can quickly host a reliable, quality conference call. For more detail on how to use the Yuuguu conference calling service and full pricing click here.

Work with up to 30 people, for free

Up to 30 people at any one time can join your web meetings when using Yuuguu. If you require more than 30 people then you will need either the Pro or Enterprise version of Yuuguu. Details of these services will be coming soon.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is included within the Yuuguu application. This is useful to have quick chats, copy text information or links to useful websites and references.

Presence status (See when contacts are online)

It’s great to see when your contacts are online and that is why we have added presence status to Yuuguu. You can see at any time if your contact is available for contacting, if they are away from their screen, if they are away from their screen or if they are offline.

Automatic update (No need to maintain software)

There is no need to worry about upgrading your application to the latest version. We simply do it for you. When Yuuguu issues a new update, your application will update itself if left open but unused for more than 5 minutes.

About Yuuguu

Yuuguu (from the Japanese word for fusion) was founded by Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted after becoming frustrated by working together remotely and not being able to see and share each other’s computer screens in real time.

Recognising the changing world of work, Yuuguu came about as a solution to help people work together remotely, through any firewall, across different platforms, with as many colleagues as needed, just as if they were sat right next to each other.

But Yuuguu’s vision stretches far beyond the world of work. Yuuguu’s unique, easy to install features can give anybody the freedom to be together, whether at work or play, even when they’re not.

Last updated on October 14th, 2008

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