YAPB 1.1

YAPB provides an IRC bot which can be expanded with modules.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.8/5 20
Nils Diehr
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
YAPB provides an IRC bot which can be expanded with modules.

YAPB is an easy way to create a fully functional IRC bot that runs on a Web server. Its features can be expanded by adding your own modules, written in PHP.

It can run in the background or the foreground, and displays debugging information on screen when running in the foreground.

With YAPB you've got an easy way to have a full functionally IRC-Bot. You just need a server with SSH-Login and the possibility to execute shell-scripts on it. You can choose between having a debug-onscreen-output (in a shell ;SSH, with detailed information about what happens right now) or the normal backround-process (you can only leave the shell in this mode otherwise you'll have to stop the whole script...).

YAPB requires the "Safe-Mode" in PHP to be turned off - otherwise the bot won't work!

The bot is extensiable by other modules and so on perfectly designed for your own modules.
It's not very difficult to create your own modules, but you'll need some basic knowledge already in PHP.


1. Create a new folder for your new bot (like "bot").
2. Create also a new folder inside the "bot"-folder and name it "modules".
3. Put the "bot.php" into the (-> 1.) "bot"-folder and edit the main-options ("bot.conf") to fit your needs.
4. Now you can open a shell and cd to the bot-dir.
5. Time to check if all went well, or? :-) Let's start the bot with "php -q ./bot.php".
6. If it should run as a backround-process, you have to execute "php -q ./bot.php > /dev/null 2 >&1&" or maybe better "php -q bot.php > /dev/null &disown".

What's New in This Release:

Rewrite of various code
Better documentation
Config of bot now in a own file called "bot.conf"
Better coding-structure, especially in if-constraints
Used more comprehensible variables
New required "system-module" with new functions
Includes an example-module

Last updated on April 26th, 2007

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