Virtual Universe 0.62

A project identically to the environment which is known from

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What's new in Virtual Universe 0.62:

  • This release now contains project files for Visual C/C++ and some modifications to compile and work with this compiler under Windows.
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ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Virtual Universe Server is identically to the environment which is known from It controls a central world and offers the possibility to add hierarchies of galaxies and solar systems and to control several subsequent world servers.

In such a universe the user is able to change freely from the "Center of the Universe" to other worlds or between the connected worlds. The hierarchically disposition using galaxies and solar systems offers the possibility for a provider to order a universe thematically.

The number of world servers which can be controlled by one Universe server are limited only by the available area and the hardware the servers are running at. The complete area of a Universe is specified by the Managed Width. Every worldserver has to be configured with a part from this Managed Width. The area which is controlled by this world results out of the aspect ration of such a world between width and height which is 2:1.

That means, a Universe with a Manged Width of 10000 m is able to split it e.g. to two worlds with a size of 5000 x 2500m (what results in a total area of 25 million m�) or to ten worlds with a size of 1000 x 500m (what is equal to a total area of 5 million m�).

The size of the central world is independent from that. By configuring worlds sizes the area of the "Center of the Universe" isn't decreased.

For all server types a complete archive with 3D-models, textures and sounds is included.

Last updated on July 11th, 2010

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