A cross-platform IRC bot written in Python

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What's new in Supybot

  • Fixed a bug in Factoids where the help could not be retrieved for any command.
  • Fixed a bug where Plugin.list wouldn't list any aliases/RSS feeds from the Alias/RSS plugins.
  • Updated Google to ensure the third-party json module (different API than simplejson) isn't loaded. Based on a patch from Ricky Zhou.
  • Updated Channel.nicks so it doesn't reply with nicks from secret channels outside of that channel.
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BSD License 
2.5/5 18
Jeremy Fincher
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Supybot is a clearly-written Python IRC framework and bot, intended to be both easily extensible and very flexible. Several modules are included by default. Numerous plugins are already written, including Google, Factoids, RSS, Quotes, and Relay.

Plugins and their commands achieve greater utility via command nesting, something that no other IRC bot does. The user database is based on "capabilities" rather than obscure flags or arbitrary numeric "userlevels", giving the bot flexibility and fine-grained control (think ACLs vs. standard *nix permissions).

Developing your own additions to the bot is simple with the base classes provided; writing a new command for the bot is as simple as writing a function. Unlike many other IRC frameworks, this simplicity is achieved at no cost to generality, which lets new programmers and old programmers alike feel at home in the framework.

Last updated on May 26th, 2009

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