Squawk Chat 2006-12-31

Squawk is a text and voice chat program geared towards gamers.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Jay Dolan
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Squawk is a text and voice chat program geared towards gamers. Squawk Chat project uses the Speex codec for voice audio compression, ALSA for sound input and output, and GNU/ncurses to provide a simple text interface.

It is my hope that Squawk will eventually provide a Free alternative to Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

There are currently no releases for this project, but nightly svn snapshots are available from the download section.


On GNU/Linux, make sure that Speex, ncurses, and ALSA are installed and
type 'sudo make install' in the source directory.


The Squawk server is called squawkd. You or one of your friends must run
the server, or you must find a public server, in order to be able to chat.
To start the server, simply run squawkd.

The Squawk client is called squawk. Run squawk, and type /connect some.host
in order to connect to a server. Once connected, some IRC-esque commands will
allow you to list, join, and part various channels on the server:

/connect - Connect to the specified server address. May be canonical name or
a numeric IP address

/disconnect - Disconnect from the current server.

/list - List channels currently on the server. Channels you are already in
will appear with an asterisk (*).

/join - Join the specified channel. The channel is automatically created on
the server if it does not yet exist.

/part - Part the specified channel. Others in the channel see that you have

/quit - Disconnect from the server and quit squawk.

Alt-< and Alt-> cycle through the channels you are currently in, so that you
may maintain several conversations at once. Note that you will only ever hear
one channel at a time.

Last updated on January 18th, 2007

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