SimpleAIM 0.2.0

A miniature console based AIM client written in pure Java.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Kelvin Jiang
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
A miniature console based AIM client written in pure Java. It implements the TOC protocol and provides a solid framework for understanding and writing your own IM clients or bots. Project SimpleAIM is an open source development project aimed at providing platform independence and interoperability in the realm of instant messaging services.

This document describes the TOC protocol. The protocol is built on TCP. Framing is done by SFLAP, described at the bottom of this document. Inside each
SFLAP frame is a TOC command.

The TOC protocol is ASCII based, and special attention must be placed argument separation. The separator and the rules of separation are different for messages inbound
to TOC and outbound to the client. The rules of separation are described in sections below.

The TOC server is built mainly to service the TIC and TiK clients. Since the TIC client is a Java applet, and downloadable, TOC will NOT support multiple TOC protocol versions at the same time. Therefore, TiK users will be forced to upgrade if the protocol version changes.
TOC sends down the protocol version it expects the client to speak and understand. Note, the protocol version is a string.

Last updated on June 17th, 2006

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