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SeeBorg project is a C++ IRC chatbot.




SeeBorg project is a C++ IRC chatbot.

SeeBorg is a C++ version of PyBorg, the IRC chatbot.

It was written completely from scratch and uses the botnet library for IRC interaction.

SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit on IRC channel, learning the talk, and periodically replying with something that is generated from the talk learned before. It doesn't make much sense at all, but sometimes it's at least funny.

There are some configuration options that will make you able to tweak some of the bot's behaviour. Also if you set yourself as an owner, you will have access to IRC trigger commands (beginning with '!').

At the first stages of development, I was porting PyBorg's learn and reply algorithm. When I finally finished it, I did the first launch to test it by talking. Here's the log of my first launch of the bot (I was using my old PyBorg's dictionary, which is quite huge):

What's New in This Release:

· Version 0.51 is a bugfix re-release of 0.5 - irc module was incorrectly forcing locale to be "ru_RU.CP1251".
· Catch duplicate channels in config
· Makefile works now on mingw32 w/msys (and should on cygwin)
· Added Dev-C++ projects (visual-mingw will follow)
· Cleanup of source code, std namespace is now default
· Bugfix: Extra whitespace in front of realname (botnet's bug)
· New IRC trigger: !save - saves the dictionary and settings
· Configuration settings are now with commented descriptions
· If there are no owners, don't react to IRC triggers at all
Last updated on November 22nd, 2006

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