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Sdp PARser is the conferencing utility.




Sdp PARser is the conferencing utility. New multicast capable multimedia applications, such as RealPlayer and Marratech Pro, can accept files containing session descriptions (in SDP format) to join a multicast conference. This allows SDP files to be served from a web page and a conference joined, using a registered SDP MIME type associated with the application.

Alternatively popular MBone applications, such as VIC, RAT, WB and NTE rely on the Session Directory Tool (SDR) to convert the SDP into command line parameters and thus cannot take advantage of joining conferences via a web page. The solution offered here is to accept the SDP from the web browser, convert it to command line parameters at the client side and then to start up the tools with the relevant parameters. This could be implemented in several possible ways:

* a platform dependent binary running on the client machine with a MIME type for the SDP
* a plug-in installed in the browser
* a Java applet with execution privileges

The Java applet was implemented because it doesn't requiere a installation or configuration by the user and is platform independent.
Last updated on June 17th, 2006

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