Qataki 0.04

A command-line Twitter/ client
Qataki - Basically, here's how it looks like (nicks of people you follow are highlighted):
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Qataki is a command-line Twitter/ client. It's a shell script that, besides usual UNIX utilities (like sed/awk/grep), depends on curl and ELinks (or Lynx if ELinks is not installed).

The script is public domain software (see This means that you can do whatever you like with the script.

Main features:

  •, Twitter and arbitrary StatusNet sites
  • Post, reply, retweet, delete, favor, send direct messages
  • Read personal, public, users and groups timeline (last statuses)
  • Read messages directed to you (i.e., where you are mentioned)
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Read messages in context (conversations available only for sites
  • Type a message interactively with a character count (this is optional and done with "qataki U")
  • Search for notices
  • integration
  • Open URLs in a text-based web browser

last updated on:
May 26th, 2010, 12:42 GMT
license type:
Public Domain 
developed by:
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
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4 Screenshots
Qataki - On a small screen it looks like this (the screen size below is 30x25):Qataki - When you search for a user, here's the output:Qataki - The string "{context}" means that the notice is a reply to another notice. To read the conversation relative to notice number 12 in the previous example, "qataki c 12":
What's New in This Release:
  • Added new options: follow/unfollow people, join/unjoin groups, delete notices, open links in a text based web browser.
  • Modified default $key_last
  • Bugfixes
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