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PJIRC is an IRC client, just like Opera is a HTTP client.




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PJIRC is an IRC client, just like Opera is a HTTP client. PJIRC is just another front-end for the well-known IRC network. You're supposed to be familiar with the IRC concepts. If not, you should try to find more information about it before going further in this document and trying
to install and use PJIRC.

PJIRC has two distinct parts : the IRC engine and the GUI. The IRC engine handles all the boring and uninteresting stuff such as managing the connection, formatting messages and so on. You might think of it as being the "kernel". On the other hand, the GUI is responsible for displaying the result with a nice layout using plenty of CPU-consuming graphical stuff and so on.

PJIRC has several guis and you can choose what you want. You might think of them as "skins", but they are much more than that. The standard PJIRC package comes with a default GUI, the "Pixx GUI". You should find its specific documentation within this package. This document will only describe the IRC engine part.
Last updated on June 16th, 2006

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