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An Open Source and cross-platform IM (Instant Messaging) server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol

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Openfire is an open source, completely free, open protocol, multiplatform, enterprise grade and easy-to-use Real Time Collaboration (RTC) server that uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), also known as Jabber protocol for implementing an instant messaging (IM) server that offers rock-solid performance and security, and it’s easy to setup and administer.

Provides an innovative feature set

Openfire provides an innovative feature set that includes out-of-the-box support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted connections, as well as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration.

Additionally, a web-based administrative console, a powerful plugin architecture, support for the Spark IM client, shared-groups, and much more. Through plugins, you will be able to extend its default functionality and add new, attractive features.

For example, by installing plugins, you will be able to implement a monitoring dashboard, search archive functionality, extensive options and fine-tuned results for the reporting function, as well as client control capabilities.

Its web-based interfaces allows you to easily and quickly change various server settings, language and time settings, security options, audit policy settings, sessions options, shared groups settings, content filter settings, options for offline messages, gateway settings, manage updates, view group chat room summary, access the connection manager and administer rooms.

A true cross-platform IM server, supported on all mainstream OSes

Under the hood, we can notice that Openfire is developed using modern Java technologies. This means that it can be deployed in any J2EE-compliant application server, as a WAR (Web Application Archive), as well as a standalone service or application.

The Openfire program supports any operating system where the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) technology is available, including all GNU/Linux distribution, as well as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Currently, it has been successfully tested on computers supporting either of the 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (x86) instruction set architectures.

Openfire was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 24th, 2015
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