Ofnibot 1.0

Ofnibot is a reincarnation of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot in minimalist form.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Matt Hahnfeld
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Ofnibot is a reincarnation of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot in minimalist form. Kevin Lenzo's Infobot program (http://www.infobot.org/) is an awesome IRC bot that is used on many IRC channels around the world.

Unfortunately, Infobot has become somewhat large in its old age. Since I maintain a number of IRC channels that require an information bot, my goal was to create an Infobot-compatible bot from the ground up. This bot is fast, secure, and modern.

The core function of the Infobot is to store a knowledge base of "factoids" or facts about things. The knowledge base can then be accessed and updated using common English phrases.

Ofnibot (Ofni = Info spelled backwards) is meant to provide that same core functionality without the bloat of the Infobot code. Ofnibot uses the modern POE::Component::IRC module to interface with IRC and, more importantly, it uses commands and files that are fully compatible with the original Infobot. The entire program comes in at just over 300 lines of Perl.

Because Ofnibot was programmed from the ground up and does not use any of the Infobot code, I cannot guarantee it behaves exactly the same when responding to users. It does, however, provide an exact subset of Infobot commands and can use the exact same database files as the Infobot. It can easily work as a drop-in replacement.

Last updated on June 17th, 2006

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