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NetHirc is an IRC client written in Perl with the POE::Component::IRC modules from CPAN.




NetHirc is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client written in Perl with the POE::Component::IRC modules from CPAN. It is a terminal-based client which is (unfortunately for most of the world) very UNIX-centric.

Developer comments

Though I could rehash my reasons for writing such a silly IRC client with Nethack-inspired messages, I figure that's best left for files that are in the distribution.

What NetHirc lacks in prettiness, it makes up for with stability and ease of use (well, for ircII people). I use it exclusively, and it can stay up 24/7, modulo various DNS problems and system crashes. To learn more about NetHirc, browse the source code or download it and run it.

Besides, why should I go through all the work of creating some lousy bloody custom scripting language when I have Perl at my disposal? Yeah, I'm lazy, but this solves a lot of problems. And it lets the users shoot themselves in the foot if they so choose. (Hey, I'm not going to protect you from yourself.)

Here are some key features of "NetHirc":

Line/word/byte counters
IRCops wield artifact weapons and/or weapon-like quest items
Improved support for multiple concurrent connections to different servers
Better channel management
Easy installation
SSFE support with real-time updating status bar
Stupid text tricks (mirror, reverse, yoda, pig latin)
Process pipes can say things to channels or via private message


POE::Component::IRC >= 3.4

What's New in This Release:

Work around PoCo::Client::DNS "fix."
Last updated on June 15th, 2008

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