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mbot is an IRC bot coded in C++.




It's an IRC bot coded in C++, being started in C. Its main advantage is that several bots can run simultaneously in the same process, making it ideal for shells where the background processes are limited, but not the connections. It doesn't eats much resources, compared to running many instances of mbot.

Here are some key features of "MBOT?":

· IPv6 networking support
· Partial TCL scripting compatibility with eggdrop
· All the standard irc commands are available
· Can be in many channels
· Flood protection
· Database, dictionary-like
· DCC Send, easily accessible and configurable
· DCC Chat with partyline
· Different access levels, defined with a userlist
· Recognize and use irc services (NickServ/ChanServ)
· Log channels and privates
· Can send logs to an email, when they are renewed
· Extensions done with dynamic libraries in C++, to which I've called modules, and can be added/removed while the bot is running
· Conversations with an Artificial Intelligence module (based on C-Alice)
· Watch nicks and log when they are on IRC
· Lots of other stuff, check the available modules
Last updated on June 17th, 2006

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