Jarl 0.5001

Jarl is a Perl/Tk Client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Jarl is a Perl/Tk Client. It strives to provide full functionality with every aspect of the Jabber IM system. It currently supoprts messaging, chat, groupchat, ICQ, AIM, and IRC support. This package includes also the perlo modules required for this release.

To install Jarl just run the program called install:


This will check the currently installed modules and verify them against the requested modules. Once it identifies the modules that need upgrading/installing it will ask you for the location to install to. If you have root access, or have write access to the global Perl modules, then it will offer you the ability to install to the Global Perl modules. Otherwise you need to pick a different install location.

A good choice for this different install location is ~/perllib.

On a side note, if you set the PERLLIB variable to the location of a collection of installed modules then the install script will offer that to you as a choice. Just pick it again, and everything will install into that location.

Now that you have identified the location to intall to it will check if you have the required files, if not it uses wget to fetch the file, and thes goes off and installs them. The Tk package takes a while to install depending on the speed of the machine you are on.

After those are installed the install program will ask you for the location of where to install Jarl and the files it needs.

Finally it will tell you that it's done and what to set te PERLLIB variable to if you did not install to the Global Perl location.

Now you can enjoy Jarl.

What's New in This Release:

Bug in the new EntryPullDown module makes it kind of hard to join groupchat.
Bug in agent_tk.pl makes it even harder to join groupchat.

Last updated on June 20th, 2006

#PERL CLIENT #tk client #icq client #icq #irc #aim #network

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