Gyach 0.9.8

Gyach is a GTK+ based Yahoo! Chat client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Chris Pinkham
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
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Gyach is a GTK+ based Yahoo! Chat client.

Here are some key features of "Gyach":

· chatter userlist window
· aliases/emotes
· PMs (send and receive)
· supports multiple PM windows so you can send/receive from multiple people at the same time
· room list window so you can just click a room name to join
· local ignore list with unlimited size
auto-ignore, currently based on any of the following:
· regex expressions
· multiple posts of the same text
· local mute (ignore for 1 session) list
· view chatter profile via web browser or built-in profile viewer
status changes:
. auto-away (with setable time)
· custom away messages
· standard Yahoo! statuses including invisible
· display remote user colors (including blended w/ override option)
· select your own color to send your text in.
command-line scrollback buffer
configurable size of chat text window scrollback buffer
can have it's own ~/.gyach/gtkrc file for themes
recursive emotes/aliases
add/remove yahoo! pager friends
options to:
·enable display of graphical smileys/emoticons
·force lowercase of all chat text
·auto-login (as option using default login/password)
·disable display of remote user's fonts
·disable display of remote user's colors
·show user's statuses changes
·show user's enter/leave room messages
·remember main window size and position
·auto-reply message for when receiving PM while away
·limit number of linefeeds in a particular message by changing to '|' if exceeds limit. (so people can't cause the screen to scroll wildly)
·display messages once even if they match an auto-ignore regex
·save password in gyachrc file
·filter outgoing text through external program (such as ispell, jive, etc.)

Last updated on September 16th, 2005

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