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GTKYahoo is a GPL'd GTK+ based yahoo pager client for unix.




GTKYahoo is a GPL'd GTK+ based yahoo pager client for unix. I wrote this for a couple of reasons - hating windows, wanting to learn GTK+, and because the Java client is highly irritating and seems extremely buggy. (I.e. try resizing a chat window)

The current version works without any problem till now. New features and improvements are being added constantly. Take a look at the ChangeLog for more details.

GTKYahoo has a number of features not available in the Windows or Java versions of the pager, including an auto-reply (answering machine) feature and automatic forwarding of incoming messages via email.

Here are some key features of "GTKYahoo":

· Refreshing the Address Book data now refreshes the friends list (in case anyone's real name has changed!)
· Now gtkyahoo re-links if libyahoo.a has changed (finally!)
· All status messages will use real names if real names are enabled
· If your'e chatting with a non-friend and you're ingoring messages from non-friends, you will NOT ignore replies to the non-friend you're chatting with!
· Buddy statuses now enclosed in ()'s as with Win32 client
· Added lots of keyboard shortcuts to menus
· Now the Get Credentials menu item is disabled upon login
· Added loads of keyboard shortcuts to the menu items
· Now **you** are listed in the Friends list a la the Win32 client
· You can now right-click on your name in the main window and change your status
· All the possible statuses are now settable from keyboard shortcuts
· Bug fixes in the new way the friends CTree is built
· Custom status window is now modal
· Fixed bug where custom status messages with commas in them caused problems
· Now the libyahoo Authors are listed in the About box too
· Now your own status changes are announced in each of your chat windows (like the Win32 client)


· It requires gtk+ 1.2.x. I have received reports that it works on quite a number of different platforms.
Last updated on June 16th, 2006

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