Faerion IRC Server

Faerion IRC Server project consists of an advanced, secure, multi-lingual IRC server for Unix/Win32.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 19
Justin Forest
ROOT \ Communications \ Chat
Faerion IRC Server project consists of an advanced, secure, multi-lingual IRC server for Unix/Win32.

Faerion is a Unicode-based IRC server. It features enhanced support and transparent conversion for different charsets, and provides a stealth network model, persistent channels, compressed links, etc.

Here are some key features of "Faerion IRC Server":

· Support for transparent, user-controlled charset translation (virtually) from anything to anything. This is done by using Unicode mappings, which can be installed or removed on the fly, without having to interrupt the server. The server supports a special "fallback" conversion table which maps all characters that are not supported by a user's preferred charset to the closest looking characters. This process is typically referred to as "transliteration" and is widely used on Russian IRC networks to avoid problems with incompatible charsets. The difference is that with Faerion, the server takes all necessary investigation to see what should be transliterated, and what can be passed without changes.
· Clients that have native support for Unicode (UTF-8), will benefit from using it at full scale without the implication of "cryptic writings" (which raw UTF-8 is for a typical human eye).
· Support for "persistent channels": channels registered with the Channel Service (mode +r) are not deleted when the last user leaves. This slightly saves bandwidth and helps mitigate several privacy issues (such as channel key revelation).
· Support for channel forwarding based on user address matching rules: with channel mode +f enabled, all ban masks can have a ",#channel" suffix appended to them to forward clients to another channel instead of declining the attempt to join the channel.
· Limited portability. The server is currently available for most POSIX platforms (modern BSD and Linux variants) and Microsoft Windows.

What's New in This Release:

· The LIST command now requires users with unregistered nicknames to additionally specify a pseudo random number to prove their human nature, otherwise the command is ignored.
· Opers no longer need an O-line to use any command; remotely set +o works just fine.
· Fixed the charset conversion problem when a user gets registered on the server.
· Invite list no longer overrides ban list.
· Fixed a crash in WHOIS.
· Fixed to compile without warnings in -Werror mode with GCC 3+.
· Fixed the +c channel mode to disallow colors instead of stripping them.Also, when a topic is being changed by a nonop on a +c-t channel to something that contains colors, the attempt is denied.

Last updated on March 23rd, 2007

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