Dekadent 0.94.4

Dekadent is an IRC bot coded in C.
Dekadent is an IRC bot coded in C. Some of Its features are: controlled user access, autoop, autovoice, shitlist, autojoin, different configurations per user and per channel and many other.
Well, first of all i have less than 9 months(first bot version) of real C knowledge and since the better way to learn C in real "life" is coding in C i decided to make a program that I can develop and develop and develop.... since i spend a lot of time using IRC I decided to code an IRC Bot... I decided to release it with many incomplete features because i want to fix the bugs that can appear and since I'm not coding it on a regular basis. With this release I can maybe get a *wish* to code other features. It's important to receive feedback to continue to code it.

Here are some key features of "Dekadent":

· Ok it's not a big big bot but for a first version it has many features.
· Many features have already been implemented and for more features in the future see TODO file.
· This version (0.9) has different user access, autoop, autovoice, shitlist, autojoin, joinmsg, different user/channel configuration, auto identify, plain text bot configuration, add/remove channels on the fly, create/erase users/channels on the fly even change channel options, ctcp's answer, log stuff, web news etc etc. Total access levels configuration and many other things on include/defines.h. DCC Chat (partyline) support, news system...
· Many other features. This bot won't replace eggdrop features because eggdrop is a full fledged irc bot and it's coded by experienced coders who have been working on it 10+- years while I only have some months of experience in C...

What's New in This Release:

· Bug fix on !join when bot send a message to instead of partyline.
· Bug fix on !deluser, deleted user will now be cleared from memory.
· Bug fix on !reload and !rehash.
· Chaging web.c (!web dbot) to work with new dbots' site.
· Minor changes

last updated on:
June 18th, 2006, 4:05 GMT
developed by:
Nelson Rocha
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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