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Darkbot is a very fast and small IRC bot written in C.




Darkbot is a very fast and small program written in C language which connects to IRC from an Unix or Windows operating system and automatically "talks" and responds to users' questions.

Originally created by Jason Hamilton as an aid for help channels to answer repeated questions from its virtually unlimited database, it has became a very popular talking robot in a generic sense, being used all over IRC networks for different purposes and in 18 languages.

THe dfata can be dynamically added and changed but also can be changed offline, working in its database.

An extensive but easy-to-understand list of commands and features, including some channel operation functions and levels of protection, makes Darkbot a very flexible but somehow powerful and complex robot, with almost human conversations and reactions.

What's New in This Release:

Removed an unneeded line in main.c, that was used to "hide" warnings on WIN32, which is a very bad idea.
Changed check_dbtimers() so it ignores the CVS directory, which contains information for the CVS server. This fixes a situation that seems to have only presented itself in FreeBSD, where it thinks the CVS directory is a timer, and sends out random garble every few seconds.
configure.ac and source/Makefile.am; very minor updates.
Fixed randq, which I accidentally broke when adding the
I switch. This also fixes some problems that turned upon FreeBSD.
Fixed a warning that came up in permbans.c about mixing types when compiling on OS X. I changed %d on line 198 to %ud.
configure now checks for clock_t.
configure now automatically checks for snprintf, and uses a replacement if it's not found.
docs/INSTALL.txt is now INSTALL in the toplevel dir.
Another thing for automake to stop complaining about.
The original configure script is now located in the scripts directory, and is called "Setup".
docs/contributors.txt is now called AUTHORS in the top level of the distribution. Another thing automake complains about. I also worked on the appearance of this file, hopefully it looks a little better now.
README.txt in the toplevel is now called "README". Automake complains about this file also, if it's not found.
This file is now called ChangeLog, and has been moved to the toplevel distribution dir. The reason for this is that automake complains, if it can't find this file.
configure now checks for the presence of windows.h, and defines WIN32, if it's found. This removes the need to do "make win". Until I add the noconsole option again, you can run darkbot with no console by doing "./darkbot &" in your cygwin shell.
The configure.ac file is not yet complete, and most of the definitions listed in config.h are not completely implemented into the code yet. If you have problems, please let me know, and these files will become completely implemented as demand is met.
Included premade Makefiles and configure script.
Added "make convertdb", which will compile the database conversion utility, which encrypts the passwords in your userlist.db file.
I added a Makefile.am in the toplevel, and in the source directory. These files are used in conjunction with GNU Automake to produce a Makefile.
Added Makefile.ams and configure.ac for autoconf/automake.
Last updated on June 20th, 2006

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