BwentBot 2.4.5

BwentBot in an event driven IRC bot completely written in Perl.
BwentBot in an event driven IRC bot completely written in Perl. Its goal is to be functional without becoming bloated, and to keep overhead low to run on older systems. BwentBot has many features that make it an ideal bot for IRC channels.

BwentBot is an event driven IRC bot that is completely written in Perl utilizing NET::IRC as its backbone. NET::Google and SOAP::Lite are used for BwentBot's !google capability and GDBM_File is used to statically store its hashed databases. BwentBot is made for giving information in channel not to do administration (like #linuxhelp) in storing their massive amounts of relative links and keeping commonly used answers as information blocks.

Currently, BwentBot works on all Linux and BSD architechtures tested on (redhat x86, fedora c1/2 x86, FreeBSD x86, Debian x86, and Slackware x86) with minimal errors. No other applications are needed to run BwentBot aside from Perl and the associated modules.

Main features:

  • info database
  • link database
  • google search (5 links return by default)
  • google powered spell check
  • list (to display learned info/links)
  • learn/unlearn capabilities (to teach BwentBot links/info/bans/admins/users)
  • seen database (list of most recent activity on a channel)
  • say and action commands
  • ability to ban users
  • admin only commands and maintinence
  • mid level registered users with limited power
  • logging capability
  • stats display
  • help capability to show how to use commands

last updated on:
June 20th, 2006, 5:05 GMT
developed by:
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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