domus.Link 1.2

domus.Link project is a web-based frontend for Heyu.

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What's new in domus.Link 1.2:

  • Updated heyu config file handling to be agnostic and object oriented. domus.Link will now support a users custom heyu config file without any additional changes. One caveat is that domus.Link will not save comments that are placed at the end of a directive line. But, domus will preserve comments that are on a line by themselves. Internal implementation does validate directive types to valid heyu directives by executing the "heyu conflist" command to get the valid directive list.
  • Updated alias to location(floorplan)/type handling. domus.Link will now dynamically build the alias to location/type map through the alias edit screens. domus.Link will create a db file called aliasmap based on these assignments. This precludes the need for the floorplan file and the floorplan maintenance has been deprecated. To aid in dynamically creating the floorplan, the location field in the alias add and edit windows are now editable as well as dynamically loaded with previously entered locations. When a new heyu conf with aliases is found and there is no alias map, all items are assigned to a default location(unknown) and type(other).
  • The location field IS the edit field for the floorplan items. You can delete it, but if you haven't removed all references to that location in all of your aliases, it is dynamically rebuilt from the current aliases.
  • The blank space at the bottom of the list is a convenience to have a blank area to edit a new location. It really doesn't matter as you can just overwrite the displayed one with a new location and then it will be added to the alias. Then the list is dynamically regened and it will be added for selection.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Istvan Hubay Cebrian
ROOT \ Home Automation
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domus.Link project is a web-based frontend for Heyu. Design focuses on separating configuration from actual controls thus giving the user a simple and user friendly GUI. The primary concern being that anyone with little or no knowledge of home automation systems can easily manage/administer the system.

Last updated on July 10th, 2010

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