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RRTOOLS is both a digital cookbook and an editor for recipe authors.




RRTOOLS is both a digital cookbook and an editor for recipe authors. It features a recipe format that satisfies most needs, including unlimited use of media, meta information, and much more.

The RRTOOLS project can be used to run a full featured recipe site that communicates its content to the main RichRecipe.com server. This way, a global network of recipe sources is established that can be queried by the cookbook part of the application.

Here are some key features of "RRTOOLS":

the app uses (read/write) a sophisticated XML based recipe structure
which uses separate, uniquely identified steps
step can be grouped in "components", which will be replaceable (e.g. a sauce with a sauce from a different recipe)
unlimited media per step, all kinds of media supported
steps can be checked as "done", when preparing multiple recipes at once the app provides an overview what has been done
multiple timers with alarm (visual and audible
information can be attached to the steps (appliance commands, comments, media etc)
menus and cookbooks will be available later

Advantages and Features for End Users

the app is a digital cookbook for end users (recipe caching/mirroring will be added for offline use)
Ingredients are related to each step, not just to the recipe
recipe bookmarks
create and email shopping list (tbd)
virtual storage (tbd)
tagging, rating (tdb)
searches can be saved (tdb)

Advantages for Authors

Authors have full control over their contents
the host is independent from big portal sites
free for private use


Apache web server with PHP5 (with SOAP and gd) support (probably works on other servers, but not with PHP4)
mod_rewrite (might probably work without)
A web browser (Firefox is best, IE will not work flawlessly) with JavaScript enabled and UTF-8 support


1. Download the release you want at Origo
2. Unzip the archive and copy the contents to your webserver
3. Note down the physical path and URI to the directory on the server where RRTOOLS resides
4. Note down path and URI to the content folder as well. The location can be outside the rrtools directory (and later even be outside document root).
5. Optional: Setup an IMAP account for Email-based uploads (not working yet)
6. Edit these files in the directory (instructions inside):

./.htaccess replace the RewriteBase value with the name of your installation folder

7. Register an user account
8. Register your site (login first)
Last updated on April 14th, 2008

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