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MediaRC is a remote control program intended for controlling various media devices found in a home theater or with a PVR like My
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MediaRC is a remote control program intended for controlling various media devices found in a home theater or with a PVR like MythTV.

The MediaRC project is an extendable program for which new drivers can easily be added. MediaRC currently can control IR devices through LIRC, the sound levels through ALSA, and serial devices like a TV.


MediaRC is a highly flexable and configurable application. This means the config file is somewhat complex. Care was taken to ensure that the default behavior in most cases makes sense, but most of it can be overridden if desired.

This README describes the overall intent of how MediaRC works with its config files. A much more detailed description can be found in the etc/config-template.xml file. A full example config can be found in the etc/mediarc.xml. That is my personal config file.

A config file consists of a global config definition, a TV definition and a series of remote definitions.

The global config gives you some control over how MediaRC looks and behaves. See the following section on the control interface for a more detailed description.

A TV definition is used to give you quick and convient access to inputs of a TV. Each device plugged into a TV will have its own setup for sound and its own remote control. The TV definition allows you to link up TV inputs to remotes and a sound remote. Once an input has been selected the associated sound source can be controlled using the context up and down keys (defaulted to [ and ] following the default MythTV bindings).

The remotes are defined by their driver type. There are sound remotes and normal remotes. Normal remotes can change their button layout. Sound remotes only can change the sound controls that they show.

LIRC remotes must be configured completely for each remote. They must match up to the local systems lircd.conf with remote and button names. The serial remotes are predefined with their commands and buttons so they can have predefined button layouts. A user config file can always override the button layout by specifying its own.

Buttons are laid out in rows in a table similiar to HTML tables. Column and row spanning can be defined for each button to make a nice looking layout.

last updated on:
October 3rd, 2007, 15:56 GMT
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
James Newton
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