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LOSSA is a home automation system.




LOSSA project is a home automation system.

LOSSA is a home automation system that aims at distributed network of devices with simple interconnect system, personal computer intercommunication, simple wiring, and very low cost.

The project is still in architectural development state and the files avalivle as download (including this readme) are there to collect as much feedback as possible from those people who have experience in similar projects.

Dew to the contained price, easy requisition, wide veriaty of opensource developement tools and very little external components requirements I think that Microchip's pic16f84 will be a mandatory choice in any case.

What's New in This Release:

Added application showing internal pic eeprom usage and TIL311 interfacing
Added simple pic application showing interrupts (tools/beginner_pic_app)
Defined EEPROM Memory Assignments for config amd power fail retention
Review of: transmission type, collision detection, physical medium
Added a tools directory with PicMicro developing and programming tools
Reorganization of the documentation
Review of the transmission protocol
Made Makefile (just for packaging for now)
Last updated on January 17th, 2007

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