HCS Open Source Project Beta

HCS Open Source Project consists of a do-it-yourself home automation hardware and software system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Neil Cherry
ROOT \ Home Automation
HCS Open Source Project consists of a do-it-yourself home automation hardware and software system.

The HCS Open Source Project is a stand-alone home automation control system which consists of hardware (main controllers and remote networked controllers) and software to monitor and control various devices around your house.

The current plans support using wired and wireless X10 modules, as well as analog, digital, and voice input and output. Once the HCS is programmed, the use of a PC is not required.

CS stands for Home Control System. Originally designed by Steve Ciarcia for the article "Home Run Control System" for Byte magazine.

What is the HCS II? The HCS II is an expandable, network-based (RS485), intelligent-node, industrial-oriented supervisory control system intended for demanding home control applications.

The HCS incorporates direct and remote digital inputs and outputs, direct and remote analog inputs and outputs, real-time or Boolean decision event triggering, X-10 transmission and reception, infrared remote control transmission and reception, remote LCD displays, and a master console.

The HCS II system architecture consists of a central supervisory controller (SC) connected to up to 32 other functional modules (called links) via a RS485 serial network. The SC and the COMM-Links can operate independently and don't need each other to function.

This allows easy testing or incorporation as intelligent subsystems in other control equipment. Initially the subsystems links all shared a comon 8031 controller board (generically called a COMM-Link) with the I/O customized for each application.

Last updated on January 17th, 2007

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