Flames 2.7.18

Algorithmically generated images and animations

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What's new in Flames 2.7.18:

  • Added fuzz testing with zzuf to the regression tests. 'Strip' mode and genomes with the zoom parameter used now break into pieces properly. insert_palette fixed (broken a few versions ago.) fixed twintrian variation when small weights are used. various rare segfaults and memory leaks fixed. 'palette_mode' attribute added to flame element for smoother palette interpolation in slow animations; possible values are 'step' and 'linear' ('step' mode is default and matches previous behaviour.)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Scott Draves
ROOT \ Artistic Software
The Fractal Flames software was originally written in 1992 and released as open source, aka free software. Since then it has developed a lot.

Flames has been incorporated into many graphics programs and ported to most operating systems. The shape of each image is specified by a long string of numbers - a genetic code of sorts.

You can create your own flames with the Apophysis interactive designer (for windows) or with the gimp's flame plug-in (for linux and OSX). Or you can use the Electric Sheep distributed screen saver to join the collective evolution of animated fractal flames.

Last updated on August 6th, 2009

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