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Pownce - send stuff to your friends.
Pownce - send stuff to your friends. Send messages, files, links, and events to your friends. Create a network of friends and share stuff. It's free and easy…

What can I send?

There are four basic things you can send: messages, links, files, and events.

You might send an event out to a dozen of your friends letting them know you're hosting a party this Friday. They'll get the event details, respond with questions or comments and then quickly rsvp.

Say you had a great photo you wanted to share. Add the file and your friends will get it right away. They'll reply and tell you if it's cool. You can even share your songs with your friends.

Pownce is a way to keep in touch with and share stuff with your friends. Send people files, links, events, and messages and then have real conversations with the recipients.

About Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. In addition, Adobe Flex Builder for Linux can be used to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems using proven web technologies.

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