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Creating graphics in Livebrush is as easy as drawing a line. The brush tool combines simple motion controls with decorations and styles. Toss graphics around the screen or elegantly swing the brush around your cursor.

Brush Styles & Decorations

Styles let you customize how your brush reacts and how it looks. Learn the power of each setting in realtime using the convenient style preview.

Decorations are graphics that can be stamped onto the screen or dynamically added to your line.

What can I do with Livebrush?

That's really up to you! But here are a few ideas:

* Create decorative flourishes and stylize patterns.
* Create graphics for websites, posters and t-shirts.
* Begin creating wallpaper and textures
* Create your own styles and decorations to produce completely unique and original art.
* Share your styles and projects to see how others remix your work.

What are some of the other features in Livebrush?

* Create your own decorations. Everything you create in Livebrush can be converted to a decoration.
* Control the speed, angle, width, and many other parameters associated with your brush stroke.
* Use a single color or an array of colors to create your line.
* Draw with more than one brush at a time.
* Export & Import styles. Share them with the community. Download more styles.
* Export & Import other graphics.
* Edit the lines you create. Transform the objects you import.
* Use familiar layer-based editing.

Livebrush runs on all major desktop operating systems. And you don't need any other graphics editor to create and share graphics created in Livebrush. You can incorporate Livebrush into your existing projects or create entire compositions in Livebrush alone.

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Last updated on November 10th, 2009

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